SS 42 yr woman

Diagnosed with severe Endometriosis in 1993. Benign tumor, size of Golf ball Left lower Abdomen near the uterus. 

Prior to this diagnosis she had an appendectomy in 1991.  By the end of 1994, the tumor had grown back again and in 1994 she had a total hysterectomy. The tumor continued to grow back and it was removed by laparoscopy in 1996, 1998 and 2000. Despite the hysterectomy and the laparoscopy, it continued to grow back.

In 2004, surgeons at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center said there was nothing more that they could do. SS was  experiencing severe pain since the tumor grew back to a golf ball size again. They prescribed Nubane that she could inject herself when the pain became unbearable. She needed to use it every 3 hours. She made an appointment for ONDAMED®   treatment and was so weak from chronic pain that she was  unable to travel for the appointment.


The practitioner brought the machine to her home. She received 3 ONDAMED® treatments per week and within one week she  felt stronger and had significantly less pain and was then able to travel to the practitioner’s office for the treatments. She received 3 treatments per week for one month and then 2 treatments per week for the next month.

Her pain was further reduced and she was able to go 50-60 hours at a time without the use of any pain medication. The golf size tumor had shrunk to the size of an olive as confirmed with a CT scan of the abdomen. Her surgeon was amazed. Unfortunately, SS moved and lost touch with the practitioner.

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