In German Ondamed means Wave Medicine.  Ondamed is medical biofeedback technology based on Specific Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF).  It centers around Pulsed Biofeedback, by monitoring the  individual's response to a wide variety of subtle electromagnetic fields that are innate to the human body.  A variety of stagnant points and regions in the body (thyroid, kidneys, spleen, and blockages in the brain, gallbladder, and more) are revealed.


During an ONDAMED® session the client sits or reclines comfortably  during an hour session, where a sense of relaxation, and shift in energy is experienced.   It is the specificity that makes this such a valuable aid, providing individualized care, regardless of disease label or complaint. Each individual will have their unique patterns, sites of inflammation, energy blocks, and focus of disturbance that are revealed in the field. The revealed focus prioritizes where best to effect the field.

  How Does Ondamed Impact Each Individual?  


By searching for the resonate frequencies which are able to restart the regulatory function,  and dissolve the interference in the field, cellular communication is improved.


By Addressing Inflammatory processes, and scar tissue as well as influencing the nervous system with frequency combinations,  stress is quickly managed.  This is key to restoring health.  Consequently the body takes it from there, regulating hormone function and lymphatic system which have a profound impact on the bodies ability to function better.

 All Energy is Electromagnetic In Nature 

Humans are electromagnetic beings, and are receptive to electromagnetic vibrations. ONDAMED stimulation induce subtle current impulses in the body’s fluids, organs, tissue, and cells.  Our connective tissue, also known as  “the matrix”  is our largest organ in the body.  Connective tissue connects all cells and organs in the body.  A natural flow of electrons takes place in connective tissue.


Low frequency waves delivered by ONDAMED® are able to direct electrons to the specific sites of inflammation, including old & new sites of scars, fractures or where pathogens and toxins are sequestered in the body, including those that are undetected by other diagnostic tools, or forgotten from decades ago; the surgery or bicycle accident from 30 yrs before, to recent sites of injury or trauma and or chronic  inflammation.


The electron is a vital anti-oxidant providing the energy for cell regeneration, healing and harmony in the bodies electromagnetic field.  Cellular energy is increased allowing for the body to do the necessary work for repair,  as we are designed to do.  Conduction in different tissues is frequency-dependent and with the correct frequency, electrons can be delivered very rapidly into sites of inflammation.  ONDAMED® has a very sophisticated way of doing this by focusing on the individual's  energy field - not the label of disease.  Eliminating the generalities of other PEMF devices,  the Ondamed recognizes each individual and respects the specific and appropriate frequencies, intensity, and  where in the field is a focus, and for what length of time for  custom tailored, Individualized energy therapy.

The ONDAMED System compliments existing treatments: pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements and can be safely used with other therapeutic modalities. The patients respond faster and the effects are longer lasting.

For over 20 years, the ONDAMED has transformed many thousands of lives throughout the world.  The brilliance of the ONDAMED Therapy is the combination of biofeedback and localized tissue stimulation with focused fields.

Ondamed's  technology and methodology is the "missing piece" to facilitate effective restoration of cellular energy for healing and repair.  Compliments any practice and fits perfectly into these fields of medicine:

» Aesthetic & Anti Aging medicine

» Sports Medicine
» Pain Management
» Oncology
» Pre- and post surgery
» Gynecology
» Internal Medicine
» Psychiatry
» Neurology
» Cardiology
» Immunology 

> Endocrinology

Biofeedback sessions are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, & Insurance companies.

CPT codes are available upon request.



  • Registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a Biofeedback Class II medical device, Cat. Neurology. Since 2002


  • The ONDAMED® System is CE certified as a Class II Medical Therapy Device. The Medical Device Certification GMBH audit has proven, that this quality system meets all requirements according to Annex VI – Section 3 of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices

  • The ONDAMED® System is certified in the additional following norms:

  • IEC 60601-1:1988 + A1:1991 + A2:1995; EN 60601-1:1990 and

  • DIN EN 60601-1:1996

  • EC Certificate "Medical Device using pulsed electromagnetic fields for tissue stimulation"

  • ISO 13485 certification

  • DQS Certificate

  • Italian Medical Device Registration - January 2012

  • UE 93/42/EWG - Poland




  • The ONDAMED System is an approved physical therapy device by the Bahrain health ministry


  • The ONDAMED System is an approved physical therapy device by the Medical Devices Bureau, Health Canada.

  • In November of 2011, the ONDAMED System was approved by Health Canada for pain relief, treating wounds and soft tissue injuries. Licence #87618

• Approved by the Thai FDA with link to certificate Thai Registration Certificate
Approved for:
1. circulation
2. pain management and relaxation

Indication List:
1. acute and chronic pain management
2. post traumatic pain
3. post operative pain
4. wound healing
5. soft tissue injury




  • In March 2012, the ONDAMED System was approved by the Saudi F.D.A. for pain relief, treating wounds and soft tissue injuries. Licence MDMA12110004


  • Approved by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore: SDMR


  • License to import new electromedical devices - Licence Number: 933/14745


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