The Field is You

Three Fundamental Principles of Physics are at the core here;

The Photon, The Hydrogen Atom, and the Electron. 


ONDAMED takes advantage of the fact that our organs and tissues are magnetic. This is used for both diagnostics and treatment. As micro magnets the hydrogen atoms in our tissues and organs are sensitive to external induction fields of the ONDAMED applicator. Consequently the hydrogen’s are resonating and become energized. Then the ONDAMED unit is interrupting the induction field shortly (on/off mode) which causes photon emission by the hydrogen atom respectively, its electron. The photon is a highly specific light quantum. This energy quantum is crucial for activating repair mechanisms of all kinds. It may activate chains of electrons which then become the electronic information key for those proteins and enzymes capable to do cellular or tissue repair. Further, the photon likes to couple with other photons of like wave length and colour. Thus they become a condensed light structure of laser quality. As standing waves this laser light is stored in Histone bodies of DNS and represents a coherent laser structure, the fundamental scaffold for mediating cellular and tissue functions (F.Popp). The MRI follows similar laws in physics regarding hydrogen behaviour and photon emission. However, there the photon is used for imaging as opposed to tissue repair when using the ONDAMED. 


Furthermore, our organ fields represent the electromagnetic control matrix for all physical, chemical, and neuronal reactions in the body (Burr). Magnetic fields influence each other very powerfully. Therefore it is logical that there is communication between them in order to reach dynamic equilibrium. In other words, the information flow between them will normally not be chaotic but follows a certain order principle. The organ and tissue fields control all life functions by means of informative structure (electrons). 

Information exchange between them is based on quantum-electrodynamics information (QED) . This collective of organ and tissue fields reacts extremely sensitive to both external and internal impulses. The sensitive property is based on the magnetic fields of the hydrogen atoms. You may remember by playing with just two magnets, how they exhibit different field forces against each other. Each field has a powerful inner life. Yet our organ fields belong to the same body and are bound to coexist and forming a dynamic coherent total body field. So they are bound to communicate with each other. However, any disturbance of one field, such as by mercury, pesticides, radioactive elements, inflammation, emotion etc, will affect the entire system by disturbing the harmonious electronic flow of information. Destructive interference will take place. 



Chemical reactions of proteins and enzymes are responsible for repair mechanisms. However, enzymes and proteins are left useless and inert unless they become activated in order to jump start biochemical interaction. They become activated – as seen in photosynthesis – by light (photons). The rules follow physical laws respectively quantum dynamics. Two different energy quanta, two waves, the photon and the electron are resonating with each other. The two energy-rich waves are coupling if they match. One light quantum (photon) while operating as driver will activate one electron. This electron, by adopting the energy of the photon, will couple with other wave structures (electrons). Coupling by resonance will only happen between matching wave structures (e.g. electrons). The two waves will be added together forming a new wave structure. This transformation of two waves into a new wave gives birth to new energy and information. The pattern of the new wave structure will differ slightly from the original waves. Also the center of the new wave will not be at the same spot in space. It will be shifted in time and space compared to the original waves. This new interference pattern of the two added waves in accord with shifting in time and space represent new information like an electronic key. It will resonate and excite those protein molecules which are needed for repair. 

One electron, activated by one photon, will couple with another electron of the protein/enzyme molecule. In so doing it will activate the protein. 


So far you have learnt that ONDAMED is using the magnetism of hydrogen atoms for tissue repair. The nuclei of hydrogen atoms display a spin like a spinning top which is called „precession“(gyro magnetic property). Thus they react very sensitive to external pulsating electro magnetic fields. In doing so they emit photons, light quanta, of specific wave length and color. Photons exhibit the property of instant uniting (coupling) with other waves of matching structures. Therefore they resonate with electrons and thus become the driving force for cellular and tissue repair. By activating the electrons of protein molecules in ailing tissues, the photons light quanta) create coupled oscillators, highly specific signatures, which transmit information like an electronic car key. Note: electronic information is a condition precedent to activating proteins. This is valid as a fundamental law in photosynthesis.


Quantum physics, quantum electrodynamics in particular is the preceding information for any chemical reaction, cell repair, and tissue repair in living species. Light – Photons as the universal energy and information carrier) quantum means energy Quantity 

Prior to biochemical reaction, substances must be energized by quantum physical means. A light quantum, acting as the driver, is exciting electrons which thereupon couple with each other. Wave structures of electrons will start to resonating, overlapping, and adding each other. With other words: two different waves, two energy quantities, two electrons begin to resonate and form a new signature (e.g. clarinet and oboe). The new combined vibration energy of clarinet and oboe will render – as you can see below - quite a different sound as opposed to clarinet and oboe apart from each other. Together they will form a different slotted key. Combination of both energetic waves has created both, new energy and new information. Change is creating energy and information. Accordingly, the combined wave of clarinet and oboe will resonate with other structures (proteins) than oboe and clarinet apart from each other. This principle applies for any other coupled wave.

Watching an MRI photograph - although you cannot see the underlying invisible magnetic field of the liver, heart, brain etc., you have understood that there is nothing mystic about the images. They are based on quantum fields. You are dealing with hydrogen and electron rich fields which are “electronically” controlling chemistry in your body and which are rich in energy. They impart information (photons, resonances) to the chemical world and the proteins of our body in order to jump start chemical reactions (through space resonance of the electrons). Think of cell phones and transmitters which radiate unhealthy waves and information. A friend of mine recently told me, that his cell phone definitely caused a hearing impairment on his right ear. Most of you also know, how dangerous gamma rays and x-rays may be if exposed to them in large quantities. Those frequencies and their quantum electrodynamics cause destructive resonance with physiological processes in our body. 

Life systems are supported by waves with long wave lengths and very low frequencies such as ONDAMED. Our systems in the body operate on low frequencies such as the brain waves (about 7.8 Hertz). Logging on to the low frequencies – as shown by Sisken and Walker in 

numerous studies – resonance phenomena would produce photonic information of equivalent wave length. 

It is the information given by light quanta (photons) of specific wave length, colour, and frequency which universally governs matter and life. 

The intelligence of ONDAMED is it that it renders the healing and repair information for ailing cells and tissues on the quantum electrodynamics level. Each organ field resonates to different frequencies as are the meridians in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In order to boost the repair field of an ailing organ or tissue, ONDAMED must log on to its specific frequency pattern. As meridians resonate to specific frequencies, so do all areas, tissues, and organs of the body. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published research in the late 90's, showing that each organ is emitting a specific electromagnetic spectrum. Accordingly these fields would resonate to specific and individual frequencies.