CR:  20 yr Female: Sore Throat   & Parasite Intestinal Infection 
CR: decided not to see her physician because she knew that all that would be recommended is an antibiotic. She is firmly against taking it.  Ondamed: In addition to the application of frequencies for the sore throat she also received stress related frequencies. By her next visit on the 21st of May, she reported to the practitioner that after first session on the 14th, her sore throat had completely subsided.

CR returned for an Ondamed treatment on Oct. 3rd, of 2007 doubled over with stomach pain. She had already been to the emergency room on Oct. 2nd to get some relief from her stomach pain. She was told that she had an intestinal infection and she was given a prescription for an antibiotic. She chose not to get the prescription filled and came for the Ondamed treatment instead, hoping it would alleviate the condition. Immediately after her Ondamed session she reported feeling at least 85% better. She returned for another treatment the next day on the 4th of Oct. to treat the intestinal infection again after which time she reported feeling 100% better. (Practitioner: Kelley Rothleutner)

 RM 46-yr man:  Shoulder Pain   & Bone Loss (Jaw) 

Prior to seeing the ONDAMED practitioner, he saw several physicians. One physician recommended surgery on C1 and C2 to replace the degenerative discs. RM refused surgery and pain medications. He actively sought out alternatives.

He saw the  ONDAMED  practitioner on 9/15/07 and after just one treatment the pain completely disappeared for about one week.

The pain came back the following week, but it was significantly less. RM received another treatment on 9/28/07 and the pain went away again. He saw the practitioner again for treatment on 10/7/07 and did not have any pain in the shoulder. However, the pain seemed to have moved to his atlas (at the base of skull C1 and C2) and it felt like a stress headache. He returned for another treatment on 10/21/07. He had no pain in his shoulder or atlas. RM returned on 11/11/07 for another treatment. This time he was experiencing pain only in his sinus area. He returned for another treatment on 12/1/07. He had not experienced any pain, anywhere in his body since the previous treatment.

RM was extremely pleased that he was out of pain and did not require surgery. He reported to the practitioner that the only health issue he had was that he had bone degeneration in his jaw. Because of the bone degeneration, the oral surgeon was reluctant to perform two extractions of the back molars, both 2nd molars on the left and right, and bone grafting in the area of the 1st molars both left and right. All this dental work was going to be performed on his lower jaw. On 4/5/08 his oral surgeon took another x-ray.


He was shocked to see that the bone in his jaw had regenerated to a significant enough degree that he was able to schedule the surgery. The oral surgery was a success and no other work was required.  (Practitioner: Kelley Kokes)

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