MI is a 30-year old male diagnosed with Lyme Disease in April 2000. He was thought to have been bitten by a tick in 1998. He never developed a rash but over time he slowly developed multiple sclerosis-like symptoms which included numbness to the extremities, fatigue, difficulty walking, neuropathy and memory loss. He also suddenly developed dyslexia (difficulty with writing) and had also headaches, athralgia, muscle atrophy and spinal pain.

The symptoms became so debilitating that he saw several physicians and had diagnoses ranging from multiple sclerosis through Lou Gehrig's disease to clinical depression but all along he steadily grew worse. He saw a Lyme disease specialist who confirmed through laboratory analysis that he was not only positive for Lyme but also for Ehrlichia (which can be a co-infection).

Over the course of three years he received the usual course of treatment: intravenous antibiotics which included Rocephin, Merrem, Zithromax, Plaquenil, Claforan, Amoxycillin, Doxycillin as well as supportive nutritional supplements and 150 hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

He experienced a gradual improvement and recovered about 60% of his functions but his symptoms always quickly returned whenever he went off the drugs. He knew he could not stay on antibiotics for the rest of his life nor did he want to.

In 2003, the physician he was seeing was trained with ONDAMED® and he started MI on one treatment a week of it. Within 2 months, his health improved to 90%. His improvement was so significant that he went 2 to 3 times a week. He also stopped the antibiotic treatments shortly after commencing the ONDAMED® sessions and for the first time he was able to have lasting results without them. He used patient-specific and pre-set modules for 1 year after which he decreased the sessions to 1 to 2 times per week.

His MS symptoms of numbness and neuropathy are completely gone and he is able to walk and exercise normally. His memory significantly improved and his headaches and dyslexia went away. Athralgia, muscle atrophy and spinal pain all resolved as he became symptoms-free. MI now works full-time, travels extensively and lives a full and active life. In his own words ".....God knows where I'll be today if my doctor hadn't had ONDAMED®".

MB  is a 49-year old female diagnosed with Lyme Disease and co-infections with Babesia and Bartonella in October, 1991. Her symptoms rapidly progressed from fatigue to multiple sclerosis (MS)-like symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the extremities. In January, 1992 she received intravenous (IV) Rocephin for 3 months after which time she was hospitalized for three and one half weeks for severely low white blood cell, neutrophil and platelet counts which developed as side effects of her drug treatment. 

She was given a challenge test to see if there was another antibiotic regimen she could tolerate. She was then given Primaxin by IV administration for approximately five and one half months. She however then developed an infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria (C. difficile) and had treatment with Questran commenced. She also developed dumping syndrome from the Primaxin she had been on.

Other drugs she had administered included IV (and suppository) Compasine for nausea, as well as Minocin, Biaxin and Amoxycillin on and off until approximately June 1994. She often had to stop treatment due to the side effects of a very low white blood count.

Despite the massive antibiotic treatment, her symptoms did not improve. She would get a little better for a short time only for them to return with additional ones which included pain in both knees, pain in the left hip and debilitating neuropathy. Finally, her doctors told her there was nothing more they could do for her.

She sought the advice of a well-know practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and had a protocol of Chinese herbs and acupuncture instituted for one year from 1997-1998. She however continued to have symptoms on and off without any consistent relief. In 1999, she saw a Lyme disease specialist who added Biaxin to her treatment and told her to go back on the TCM. She carried on the treatments concurrently for two and one half years but without much respite and with her symptoms still waxing and waning.

In 2003, she took Medpron and Zithromax, and for the first time in a long she felt very good. Unfortunately, she suddenly developed dermographism (a form of hives) as a side effect and so had to stop the treatment immediately.

MB became very depressed and hopeless since it now appeared she had exhausted all avenues of treatment. Being the resourceful person that she is, she found information that suggested that Cat’s Claw may be helpful for her condition and started to take it in 2004. She also bought a Rife Machine (ENEM 5) hoping that it would alleviate her pain and disability. She used it for one and one half years without any relief of her symptoms and each time she used it, she experienced a severe Herxheimer reaction. She also had added to her protocol Artemesin because it was supposed to have activity against her infections. However, this was to no avail even though she persisted with it.

By this time, MB’s symptoms had become very severe and in her own words she “no longer felt human”. Her quality of life had very seriously deteriorated and she progressively developed more and more symptoms in spite of continuing treatment.

In February 2007, MB found information about ONDAMED® and decided to try it as her last resort. After several sessions she felt well for the first time in years. The MS-like symptoms, numbness and tingling of the extremities, recurrent paraesthesia, shortness of breath, chest compression sensation, dyspnoea and joint pains all completely disappeared. By June 2007 MB was having ONDAMED® treatment at least two times each week and had become happy, healthy and able to feel like a human being again. In her own words, “You just can’t imagine how great I feel. I had completely given up hope. ONDAMED® gave me back my life.”

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