T.F. 76 yr old  Gentleman
History of Prostate Cancer
Diagnosed 5 yrs ago              
He had a radium implant.       

Patient was complaining of hematuria and was found to have bladder cancer. He subsequently had trans-uretheral resection done with instillation of BCG  after which he developed urinary frequency and dribbling. Patient reported   waking up six to eight times a night to urinate. Patient had cystoscopy done  and was told by his urologist that the cancer had recurred in his bladder, he  had lots of scar tissue and was told he needed to have another procedure  done.


Patient came for low back pains and was offered a series of ten ONDAMED   treatments twice a week to see whether it would relieve his low back pains. 

After the sixth treatment the patient reported that his frequency of urination had decreased from six to eight times a night to three to four times a night. Patient was encouraged to continue with the treatments.

After twenty-two treatments patient’s low back pain was much improved and he was only  waking up one to two times a night. Both the patient and his wife thanked ONDAMED for his good report from his urologist .

Dates of Treatment:

 2008: 5/6, 5/9, 5/13, 5/16, 5/20, 5/23, 5/27, 5/30, 6/3, 6/5, 6/16, 6/20, 6/23, 6/27, 6/30, 7/8, 7/14, 7/18, 7/29, 8/5, 8/12, 8/19.


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