FB 75-yr man

3 Consecutive Back Surgeries 20 years ago 
(due to Numbness & Neuropathy in his legs)
The surgeon told him his discs were calcified and pinching the nerves to his legs and performed a “scrapping” of the discs. It took 3 surgeries to relieve his pain and numbness.  He was able to walk after the surgery and no longer needed crutches. He still experienced mild discomfort but nothing that he couldn’t live with.

In April 2007 he started to experience the same numbness and neuropathy in his legs and had to walk with crutches again. He also experienced new symptoms of numbness in his hands (he could not make a fist completely) and pain in his right groin. Over the course of the month the pain got continuously worse. However, he refused to see a physician or to take any pain medication. Instead he decided to try ONDAMED treatment and hoped for the best.


On 6/20/07 FB received his first ONDAMED treatment. He did not feel any significant change when he went for his second treatment on 6/22/07. He received another treatment on 6/26/07 and reported that there was no change since the last treatment. On his way home from the visit, his hands started shaking and he could not wait to get home. His urine became almost like syrup and he slept the rest of the day. The next morning he had a carbuncle that had formed overnight on the right side of his groin. It was the size of an orange and was draining pus. His wife immediately started putting mudpacks on it to help it drain more quickly. FB went back to the ONDAMED practitioner on 6/29/07 to show them what had occurred and a photograph was taken of the carbuncle.

What was interesting about the carbuncle is the day that it developed FB was able to completely make a fist and use his hands and he was able to walk without the crutches. The numbness and neuropathy had subsided significantly and improved over the course of the week. After the ONDAMED treatment on 6/29/07 the carbuncle completely drained and healed within a few days. FB lives a full and active life and is outside most of the day. In addition to having the neuropathy and numbness, FB also has mild to moderate arthritis of the joints for many years that substantially improved after several treatments. He does not experience any pain, only occasional mild discomfort that does not interrupt his lifestyle and is under excellent control with ONDAMED. His wife also noticed that with ongoing treatment his coloring is excellent and the sparkle is back in his eyes.
(Case study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

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