Lyme Testimonials 

w/ Ondamed  CEO

Silvia Binder   

October 15, 2014  

RS: I’m an advocate for tick borne diseases (Lyme disease) who has been sick for 17 years and spent $75,000 on hopeful treatments. I was finally diagnosed with 5 different tick infections 5 years ago after 12 years on misdiagnosis and was on antibiotics for 3 yrs and herbs for 2yrs.

In the last couple of weeks I had 3 appointments with an ONDAMED practitioner. I’m amazed how much better I feel and am telling everyone who calls on my hotline that we may have found a miracle. Lyme disease is an epidemic and maybe you could put someone on your ad who was helped by your device. There are millions of us very sick from ticks and we are all needing for a cure or at least some relief.

Thank you for doing this.

Theresa J. 

Living with Lyme for the last 30 years has been challenging, and at times, life threatening for me.  By 2009, I   was so debilitated from this disease, I could barely walk or talk and definitely not able  to take care of myself.  My daughter had to take care of me as I was not able to do even the  simplest day to day activities. Even though I have had serious bouts before, this time I feared I  may never get better.  I didn’t want to be a  burden on my  family and I became very depressed.

Mainstream medicine’s answer was heavy doses of antibiotics but my body wouldn’t tolerate it for more than a week. It would cause me to have gut wrenching pain and drop my sodium level so fast I came close to going into a coma. If that wasn’t enough it caused seizures so severe, I had to be held down so I wouldn’t hit my head against objects like the wall or the floor. So, I needed to keep searching for answers. By 2011, I was so week and so thin, I wasn’t sure I would last the year. I knew I would have to find something soon or I may never recover or perhaps even die of Lyme.

It was late January when I was exposed to the first step that would help me on the road to recovery. It was the Gerson therapy. The Gerson therapy is basically a nutrient-dense plant based diet of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis of raw juices. It also stressed detoxing with coffee enemas and Bentonite clay packs. Within a few weeks of the therapy, I noticed my pain level to decrease and I knew, finally, something that would be beneficial in my healing. Although Gerson was helping, it wasn’t the complete answer for me to be functional again. I needed something more, something that could halt the bacteria that was destroying my body and would also heal the damage that had already occurred.

Then came the critical second step to speed the healing:  ONDAMED. This device is a focused  pulsed  electromagnetic therapy that detects weaknesses in the body and also stimulates a  healing response. It helped give my cells the energy to be able to heal and also fully detox.  It  aided my ability to take in nutrients that my  body could utilize. The microorganism frequencies  helped my immune system fight against the spirochetes and other co-infections I had. My detox  regimen took care of the aftermath of any die-off.  It was the perfect  combination.

I started to be able to gain some weight and I could fill the vitality of life come back into my body.  After a few  months of weekly treatments along with physical therapy, I starting getting motor  function back and I was able  to walk without fear of falling.  Soon I could drive a car again which  helped me become independent. By the  summer of 2011, I had the confidence that I could live on  my own.  I wasn’t totally out of the woods, but I was  definitely on my way, to not only survive, but  to thrive in life. I am very grateful for all the support I have had  from friends and family and for  the healing modalities that were developed to help me get there like ONDAMED.  

It truly gave me  a second chance at life.

Rachel M 

Probably one of my most amazing stories is an 83 year old woman that was house ridden, she couldn’t leave her home because of such horrific Lyme symptoms as well as incontinence. On her third ONDAMED session she was able to come to me for her session. She was ecstatic, she was able to leave her home, go out and do several errands, had increased energy, incontinence was under control and most important she was out of bed! Here is the kicker, on her fifth ONDAMED session she shared with me that she went horse back riding, YES horse back riding at 83! A woman that goes from being in bed to horse back riding in as little as 5 ONDAMED sessions and I never had to see her again! (I check in with her periodically to see how she is doing and she is still well and NO Lyme symptoms either. She feels better than ever.)

KD  is a 15 year old teen, diagnosed with Lyme disease

in 6th grade (Spring of 2002).

For the next two years she took a series of antibiotics including Rocephen (intravenously) and many other antibiotics without any result. Her liver became inflamed from the antibiotics and another type was then prescribed – also without any results. KD also experienced cyclical vomiting and would lose 12 pounds over the course of 7-10 days during the two year period of intensive antibiotic treatment. This would occur every other month. She saw several specialists and no one could offer any explanation. It caused her to miss many days of school. Several times she was hospitalized for the pain she experienced in her stomach. None of the endoscopies were able to reveal the cause. She was extremely fatigued and had severe intestinal/stomach pain which did not resolve with any treatment.

KD had numerous episodes of pin-worm and was treated for it each time. The Lyme disease wasn’t improving despite intense antibiotic treatment for two years. Also, her liver function tests were elevated which also caused the termination of antibiotic treatment. She received her first  ONDAMED treatment on 11/15/2004 and   the following week, she received 3 treatments (11/22,   11/24/11/26). After 3-4 ONDAMED treatments, she was   feeling 75% better and was able to go   back to school. She felt so much better she went to a Lyme disease  convention at the end of   November and  talked about her personal experience and that she had given up hope  until she  started   ONDAMED. She still had to rest, but she was able to function and attend the entire   convention .  This is the first  time in two years she felt almost normal. 

She continued receiving treatment (11/29, 12/1, 12/3, 12/6, 12/8, 12/10) and she was able to cut  the  treatment to twice per week 12/13, 12/17, 12/20, 12/23, 12/27, 12/30) and experienced  continued   improvement. Her  mother is still in touch with the ONDAMED practitioner. She told the practitioner  that KD still feels great and is  doing well in school. KD is dancing and active like other teens .

KD is now in 11th grade without any symptoms of Lyme disease. She will go back for ONDAMED    treatment on  occasion to keep up her good health. They are moving to Florida at the end of the  year (2008) and will work with another ONDAMED practitioner in their new home state. 

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