Maesthenia Gravis

An autoimmune disorder affecting muscle strength and movement.

They reveal the results of their study below.

In a case study performed by William Work, M.D., and his staff, they discovered that by using the ONDAMED Biofeedback System, a patient made a full recovery from Myasthenia Gravis symptoms.

The patient initially came to his office complaining of severe muscle weakness throughout her entire body, marked facial muscle deterioration on the right side, including a drooping eyelid, loss of facial expression on right side, extreme fatigue, trouble sleeping, incontinence, and equilibrium/balance issues. The patient was extremely fatigued during the daytime and would be unable to get her rest at night, and was also falling down frequently. Her symptoms were affecting her daily life and her quality of life.

By her fifth therapy session, she was sleeping more soundly. By her second month of intervention, or eighth session, she had achieved six full hours of undisturbed sleep and was no longer napping during the daytime. Around this time, her energy levels improved, as did her outlook on life. She was transforming into a happier person.

After 17 full sessions with ONDAMED, she achieved 100% mobility in her face and now walks around symptom free and has a much improved quality of life. After 3 years, the patient is still reporting same results with monthly maintenance sessions.

  BEFORE                                                AFTER

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